Monday, May 23, 2011

Ugly Bug

Hmmmm. The pattern was for a “lovely ladybug” and it did indeed look quite lovely in the photo, but I seem to have ended up with a rather sinister looking beetle instead. My husband came home and said oh cool, is it a spider? My daughter seems to like him quite a lot though - those legs are nice to chew and he does a good roll.  But then my daughter likes most anything I do, she even likes my singing. Enough said! Not my favourite little project outcome but I did learn a good lesson about stuffing: use a safety pin to hold the stuffing down inside the head, limb or similar and then stitch the opening shut before attaching the stuffed piece to the body. Makes things a little easier!

My ugly bug is also special because he's made from fabric remnants I found earlier this month while rummaging in boxes in a dark corner of the Old Church Boutique in Nundle, which has raised thousands of dollars for the local community selling second hand clothes. So, he may not be the prettiest bug, but he's a very happy reminder of our first family holiday!
Pattern: Small Stash Sewing, Melissa Averinos, 2010, p99


  1. I think he's great! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and offering such great suggestions! Hope to see you around again soon!

  2. Thanks Kirsty! Love the idea of Hopeful Threads, have added a badge to my homepage to help spread the word :)