Monday, May 2, 2011

Scuba update

So I’m all psyched up for tomorrow’s scheduled dives. I’m up for it! I’ve also come to terms with the prospect of publicly squeezing my post-baby body into a wetsuit whilst trying to keep my balance on deck - not the most elegant activity at the best of times and my body’s been through quite a bit since I was last on a dive boat.  I’ve expressed and frozen enough mama milk. I’ve even dealt with my Motherguilt regarding leaving my baby on dry land and strapping a tank of oxygen onto my back before descending into an ocean full of sharks (one hopes anyway, that’s the whole point of diving here, grey nurse sharks). And then late this afternoon I get a call from Jetty Dive to tell me it’s all off because conditions are too rough!! Rescheduled for week after next. Fingers crossed for calmer seas!

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