Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From the road

Mama’s not in the sewing room at the moment - we’ve been on a road trip in beautiful New England for the last week, staying in Armidale, Inverell & now Glen Innes. My husband and I have both travelled a lot but this is our first time on the road with our baby girl and we were a little apprehensive! Turns out, however, that just taking it a little slower and planning one step ahead is all it takes to incorporate 8 month old Miss M into our travel adventures, and despite one very big top front tooth working its way down a little more each day, she’s having a ball. In fact, sometimes I think she might burst with sheer delight! We’d planned to be home in a couple of days but we’re having such a good time we’ve decided to let the wind carry us a little further and we’re heading for Nundle tomorrow. This means the diving is once again postponed, but as my husband has pointed out, it’s probably not a bad thing given that the arm my GP referred for physio before we left is getting worse and hefting tanks around right now would probably not be wise. So, it’s mighty chilly here in Celtic Country but the sun is shining, baby is sleeping, husband has gone fossicking and this mama is free to curl up warm and snug on the sofa with a mug of tea and a good book. Bliss! Plus, guess what? Mama’s Sewing Room has been given an award! I’m so chuffed!! Net access drops constantly here at our little cottage in the trees and I’m on a tiny notebook too, so I’ll share more about this lovely news when we get back home. As it is I’ll have to venture outside and stand on a giant boulder out front to try and get a signal to post this. I know I have a few comments, if signal strength allows I’ll respond to those too, if not thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll respond as soon as Optus allows. For now, warmest wishes from New England in all its Autumn glory!


  1. Hi Pam! Thanks for getting in touch! Enjoy your travels. I look forward to following your projects.

  2. How lucky you are that you're able to extend your time away. We have always done road trips with our girls and they remember so many of them and love looking back at photo's. Enjoy this precious time :)

  3. Hello Haby Goddess! Thanks for stopping by :) Precious times indeed & we're making the most of every minute :)