Friday, May 6, 2011

5 more things I have learned

  1. Always put your foot down. Otherwise bad things will happen and maddeningly you won’t know why, until the realisation slowly dawns that it's because the stupid foot wasn’t down.
  2. When stuffing the limbs of dolls, a melamine chopstick is an excellent tool.
  3. Particularly when making small or fiddly things, there's a neater way of securing the threads than using the reverse-sewing lever. Instead, at the beginning and end pull gently on the top thread and you’ll see a tiny loop. Gently pull on the loop and the back thread (from the bobbin) will come out on the front too, and you can secure the threads by tying them together (The Sewing Book by Alison Smith, p92).
  4. Masking tape is useful for securing baking paper on top of a pattern or piece of fabric when tracing.
  5. There will never again be enough hours in the day (or night) now that the sewing bug has bit me on the ass!


  1. Oh I know everything about the 'not enough hours in the day'. Also applies to blogging bug, crocheting bug and so much more. I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award here

  2. Oh my I am so chuffed thank you! We are travelling atm per today's post but as soon as we're back home with decent net connection I'll be able to check this out properly and post up my top 10 too. Cheers!! :D