Friday, May 20, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

I used a heavier weight fabric than that suggested in the instructions, as I had some lined curtain remnant that I'd been longing to use because it's such a fun print. I also think it's more practical for this purpose than a light- or medium-weight cotton. Once all the pieces are assembled there's a slightly nerve-wracking moment where a square is sliced out of each sewn top corner. I couldn't quite get my head around what this would achieve and knew that getting it wrong at this point would mean completely wasted time and fabric. Fortunately the next step came together easily in the doing, and I had made my first box corners! Up until this point, however, everything was still inside out so I had no idea until the last moment what my efforts of the afternoon had produced. When I had finished poking everything right way out with my trusty chopstick I was pleasantly surprised!

Pattern: 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre, Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins, 2010, p83


  1. Love the sewing machine cover. That fabric would make an excellent nappy bag!

  2. Thanks! Nappy bag is very good idea & type of fabric well-suited as much as pattern. I have a several different bags that I use when we're out and about (I can take or leave shoes but bags are another thing, can't get enough!) and it would be great to have a nice nappy bag insert that I could just swap between my usual bags rather than unpacking & repacking nappies, wipes, disposable bags & cream. I'm sure I've seen a pattern somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Pam. Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting on the dolly. (If only you could see it now! My daughter decided she needed a bit of 'mascara'. Oh dear!) Glad the pigtail tutorial could be some help. I like to add these things in my posts for my benefit as well. If I don't, then they're lost forever.

    Welcome and I hope you find something that could be of some use to you.

    Love the sewing machine cover. I'm going to do that for my machine. I hate having to take it in and out of it's case all the time.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by! Have you heard of Pinterest? I've started pinning all the inspiring sewing stuff I find online onto my virtual pinboard, now nothing gets lost forever :)