Sunday, April 24, 2011

Traveller's Tales

Great day today hanging out with friends and talking about TRAVEL. I first met Narelle in Singapore in 2004 when we did an Intrepid tour together through Malaysia and Thailand. I made it up to Cairns to see her in 2005 and we kept in touch after I went back to the UK. In 2009 it was Narelle that picked me and my husband up from the airport in Brisbane when we immigrated. She came down here last Easter too with her partner and since then I’ve entered the world of Motherhood and felt like I lost myself for a little while there.  My daughter is almost 8 months old now though and I finally feel like I’m coming through the other side, the mist is clearing. As I said in a previous post, I’m getting into my own personal mama groove. I’m figuring out how I want to do things, and starting to remember my world view that got hidden beneath the madness of early motherhood. Seeing Narelle again and talking about the trip we did together and all the other travelling we’ve done between us and our partners was such a buzz. A timely reminder of that big wide world out there and how much I still want to explore it, this time with my daughter by my side. I even feel less anxious about next week’s scuba dive, because I’m remembering the me that I used to be.  I’m still here, I just got sucked into some repetitive themes and settled cosily into small town mama life. Nothing wrong with that and I do love our life here. But I also know that I love travel and I love adventure. And with a few small modifications to incorporate a certain fabulous little miss, there is a great deal of travel and adventure still to be had. Bring it on!

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