Friday, April 15, 2011

Love in Every Stitch

My lovely auntie in Yorkshire sent me some really cute hand-knitted cardigans for my daughter and in one of the accompanying cards she wrote "Love in every stitch". I thought that was so sweet, and when my friend asked if she could "order" a doll when she saw the one I made last month, I told her I was already planning to gift her daughter one and said that there would be love in every wonky stitch. Well, wonky is the operative word because I've been working on Becca's dolly this evening and her arms and neck are a bit skewy to say the least! I got all the pieces cut out while Miss M was sleeping today and stitched the arms, legs and hair. After I got back from the gym and had dinner I sat down knackered, ready to veg in front of Grumpy Old Women on ABC1...but I couldn't stop thinking about the unfinished doll sitting (or more acurately lying in bits) on my sewing table! It's a bit addictive this sewing lark. However, it's now gone 10pm and I'm very tired, can't seem to get the legs on right, they are not as fiddly as the arms but a bit difficult nevertheless and I'm probably better off coming back to it afresh some time tomorrow. Otherwise she's going to have rather funny looking legs, and her arms already require some surgery!

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