Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scuba mama!

My husband got me a voucher for 2 scuba dives for christmas and I've been too scared to book them - madness after more than 50 dives in the last 6 years but it's been a couple of years since my last dive and The Fear has returned. However, this week I got into my pre-pregnancy jeans (just!) and on the back of that little burst of confidence I marched into the local dive shop this morning and booked myself in for May 3rd (after checking that breasts containing milk do not explode under pressure). Feeling pretty anxious about it but I did so love to dive and as a friend pointed out to me, I need to focus on what I loved about it and get back out there. I think part of my fear stems from being a mum now - before there was just me to think about and I was quite gung-ho. Not so much these days. However, I've struggled quite a lot with my sense of self since becoming a mum 7 months ago and while I feel that I'm in a pretty good mama groove now, these dives might just give me that extra boost I need to remember that I'm still me despite the sometimes overwhelming changes that have occurred in my life since my daughter was born. I think I'm gonna feel pretty empowered if I manage to pull this off. Yay!

All of which doesn't have anything to do with sewing but hey it's my diary and I'll digress if I want to! I did sort out my study plan last night so I popped up to Spotlight today, and got some fabric markers. Tailor's chalk not working for me, nor lead pencil, but more of that another day...


  1. Congratulations on getting into your jeans! Visiting from Aussie Mummy Bloggers.

  2. Self confidence is so important in finding your mumma groove. Good luck for the dives!

  3. I so agree with you that when I became a mum, my risk taking went on a dive. But then we mums need to do somethig fun once in a while because we deserve it :)Keep us updated on the dive!

  4. @muminsearch, thanks for congrats, it was I must confess a tiny bit of a squeeze lol but an achievement nevertheless ;)
    @planning queen, thanks for stopping by & for wishes
    @Joni, not just me then with the change in levels of risk, sure is natural, but hey there's a risk in crossing the road, right? And I want my daughter to be brave & adventurous, so must model same & not be a wimp lol