Saturday, April 16, 2011

Learning Curves

I was not at all happy with the dolly when I went back to it this afternoon. Neck crumpled and one underarm needed several stitches. Possibly rectifiable, but I then stitched the legs aligned to the left instead of centre.  They are so fiddly!! Alas, I think this dolly will not be making its way to Victoria. However, it’s all a learning process. The first doll I made lives on a shelf in my daughter’s room, she looks very pretty despite having one leg longer than the other *smile* but I fear she wouldn’t withstand being chewed by my little one. This dolly can join that one, and I’m sure Miss M will love them both despite their flaws once she is a little older.  As for Becca’s dolly, well, third time lucky!

Amazon is still offering free postage to Australia so I ordered a few more sewing books this morning, just couldn’t resist! Topics are children’s clothes, storage, fat quarter & one metre projects, and bags. Can’t wait for them to arrive!
Going out with some mums this evening for cake and catch-up. Some of them have been sewing for a long time, a couple even sell on Facebook and locally. Listening to them chatting about sewing at mums meets and having a look at the things they were making is what motivated me to buy my Brother XL-2230. Inspirational sewing mamas!


  1. Amazon has free postage to Australia? Thanks for the tip. And just to make you feel better, have a look at this creation of mine...

  2. Hi Tat, yeah is running the promo until 1st May, it's a good one! Off to check out your link. Thanks for stopping by :)