Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spotlight, how I love thee!

Braved the torrential rain today and drove up to the other end of town to pick up some brown cord and some pink, purple, yellow & blue butterfly flannelette at 20% off.  I’m planning to make a pinafore dress for Miss M, to be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt and tights now the weather has turned; also some winter PJs. I got some felt for dolly hair in purple with thread to match, also brown felt in case I’m not feeling quite so purple when the time comes! Plus I picked up a cheapie fleece blanket for winter eves on the sofa for only $8 using this month’s 20% off magazine voucher. Had a good rummage in the remnants bin too and found almost a meter of very pretty pale blue paisley style cotton for a few dollars, am sure I’ll be able to make good use of that once my new books arrive. I remembered to take my reusable Spotlight bag and had my card stamped - that’ll be 20% off once I have another 3 stamps. Every little helps!

Tomorrow is quite busy as I have a docs appointment first thing and then I’m on the phones at Lifeline 12.30-5.30 but I hope to get the fabric cut for my third-time-lucky dolly.  Now, to bed with “C” by Tom McCarthy, shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize 2010 and truly arduous but am persevering because it’s for Book Club, and also because it’s become a challenge to turn every single dull and confusing page, and I’m stubborn and refusing to let it beat me!

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