Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reversible Bucket Hat

I finally made this a couple of days ago but it’s not been sunhat weather here on the Banana Coast until today. I’m very pleased with how the brim turned out  - all that topstitching (and unpicking!) took a while but it looks good, and I like the added stiffness too. I’ll probably make another, but next time I’ll not edge-stitch the top in the same way. It’s possible I misread the instructions to be honest, I think I was meant to edge-stitch the crown seam allowances to the side panels rather than edge-stitch the outer join between the crown and the side panels. Or something. Oops! The pattern instructions are otherwise  great, I think I just got a bit confused but never mind, it’s all a learning process. Miss M was happy to keep it on and it protects her well, which is the main thing! And I love the material, which was a lovely gift from a friend - thanks Marieka!

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