Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pinterest Love!

Pinterest is my new thing! It is soooooo useful. You know those evenings when you're browsing the net and finding all sorts of gorgeous things you'd like to have a go at making, and you start saving pages in the browser that you know you'll probably never get back to, or sending email reminders to yourself that will get filed and forgotten? Or all the great subscription emails that come through from sewing blogs and websites that you never quite get around to reading properly and before you know it there's 150 of them in your inbox and you just end up deleting them and losing all those great ideas?

Pinterest allows a gal seeking inspiration to pin all those lovely pictures of things to sew onto virtual pinboards that can then be perused at leisure. Each picture you pin has a link to its source page embedded within it, so you can return to the related info whenever you wish. The links to all the great tutorials and patterns that I find and read about late at night are now all in one place for reference and sometimes just to look at 'cos those boards are so pretty to behold!

Pinterest is invite only - if you'd like an invitation let me know, then you can get pinning too!

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