Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The early bird catches the worm

So they say. But I'm not in a mood for catching anything at 5.30am which is when Miss M wakes up every single morning! Husband and I can alternate now as I've started giving the first feed after breakfast rather than as soon as she wakes, which is great, but oh boy these early mornings are a killer even though it's only every second day these days. Cannot believe I think that 7am is a lie in! Anyway. Soon enough she will be a teenager and I'll not be able to get her out of bed until noon and I'll look back and laugh. So they say!

Have been flat out studying since I arranged two more practical assessments for the week after next. Unit 14: Family Therapy came back with a pass yesterday (it's a pass / fail system) and I almost have Unit 15: Client Suitability & Clients at Risk ready to go. It's self-paced so I don't need to go so mad for it but the end is in sight now and I'm just looking forward to taking a good proper stretch of time out once the diploma is finished, before I move on to the advanced units I've elected to do. I do enjoy all things counselling-related very much, but it will be a real treat to have a break from studying for a while. The timing should be great - all being well I'm going to have the months up to Christmas to sew sew sew, with no study hanging over me. Woot!

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