Friday, September 16, 2011

And so, to bed!

In an effort to become more accepting of the fact that my daughter wakes up at 5.30am every morning I have decided to focus on the positive i.e. more hours in the daytime to put to good use.  However, note to self: do not try to demonstrate this by making fish pie from scratch at 6am. Annabel Karmel you have a lot to answer for, 65 minutes start to finish my a**!!

That aside it has been a good day - playdate mid-morning (by our clock), got through some chores in the afternoon, we all three ate the thankfully edible fish pie for dinner, and this evening I have finished and submitted Unit 15: Client Suitability & Clients at Risk. Will spend the next week or so preparing for the practical assessments which are on 26th September. Then will complete Unit 16: Case Managment asap so I can organise the associated assessment, which is also the final practical assessment. Then....a good long rest from it before tackling the final two units. There is no real rush, and I need to go a bit easier on myself. Am knackered! So bed!

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